Mindmap: The 9 Characteristics of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman

9 Characteristics of 'Ibad-ur Rahman [Surah Al-Furqan]

A brief summary of all the 9 characteristics of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman.
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Who or What is ‘Ibad-ur Rahman?

Characteristics #1 & #2
They have humility & they are courteous even when treated harshly

Characteristic #3
They are diligent and consistent in their Tahajjud

Characteristics #4
They constantly seek refuge from Jahannam

Characteristic #5
They are neither a spendthrift nor stingy

Characteristic #6
They do not commit Shirk, Murder, and Fornication

Characteristic #7
They will never attend Immoral Gatherings

Characteristic #8
They respond to the Ayat of Allah s.w.t.

Characteristic #9
They always ask Allah for “Coolness of the Eyes”

The Rewards for ‘Ibad-ur Rahman
Remaining Forever in Jannah & Welcome and Honor from the Angels


Ramadhan Gem – Day 24

Dr Hesham Alawadi - Battlefield Heart The Assault of Sins

An old mindmap that I feel relevant in this month of Ramadhan.

When we sinned, we become disappointed with ourselves: “How could I have done such a thing?” That feeling is natural. It’s not something bad to feel disappointed or sad about the sin – it’s a gift from Allah to feel this way. You are conscious of that mistake.

But the sahabah of Rasulallah s.a.w. never translated this self-disappointment into thinking that Allah s.w.t. has also given up on them. The sahabah r.a. also did not belittle the smallest of sins, what more when it comes to big sins – but no matter how big their sins were, they understood that Allah’s mercy is much bigger. So never think that we are beyond the point of return. Allah s.w.t. has forgiven others who have transgressed far more in the past.

Remember the story of Fir’aun? Allah knows the evil of Fir’aun: that he will kill thousands of babies, that he will die as a kaafir, that he even declared himself as God. It’s hard to match this kind of evil. But when Allah commanded Musa a.s. to go to Fir’aun, Allah s.w.t. says: “Speak to him in soft words. Maybe, he accepts the advice or fears (Allah)”. [Surah Ta-ha 20:44] Allah puts hope in the heart of Musa about Fir’aun – Fir’aun could STILL make the choice. Not giving up even on Fir’aun? Then who else is left? Subhanallah.

So just because you’ve lost hope with yourselves, doesn’t mean that Allah has lost hope in you. So come back to Allah, make tawbah. This is a month to earn Allah’s forgiveness – so fully utilize this opportunity. And remember too that we are not in any position to judge and give up on others as well. This is a reminder for myself foremost.

What Did the Companions of Rasulallah Do When Falling Into Sins?

Everyone sins, even the Companions (r.a.) of Rasulallah sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. But what separates them from us was how they responded after falling into sins. These are 5 take-away lessons shared by Dr Hesham Alawadi that we can implement, insya Allah.

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Reference: Dr. Hesham Alawadi‘s Battlefield Heart: The Assault of Sins lecture
Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw5eZ7H-5bk

Dr Hesham Alawadi - Battlefield Heart The Assault of Sins