The 9 Characteristics of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman (8/10) – Respond To The Ayat of Allah s.w.t.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

And those who, when they are reminded of the Ayat of their Rabb,
fall not deaf and blind thereat.
[Surah Al-Furqan 25:73]

🌸 Eighth Characteristic: They Respond To The Ayat of Allah s.w.t.

Alhamdulillah, today we will be discussing the eighth characteristic of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman. This next category could include you who are reading this right now!

Before we proceed, let us think back: How many of us have read the Qur’an, or listened to heartfelt reminders regarding the Deen, or read something that is absolutely beneficial that we just gotta share with everyone – yet at the end of the day, we’re like: “Yeah it was a nice speech / post, but I’m still gonna do what I’m gonna do anyway.” So we close our computers, we return to our homes, and nothing changes.

This attitude has got to change.

Because Allah s.w.t. tells us that the ‘Ibad-ur Rahman are nothing like this. When they read, listen, or are reminded of the ayat of Allah, they do not pass or trip over the ayat like the deaf or the blind. They are not those who like to read and keep on reading, or listen and keep on listening, or share and keep on sharing, yet nothing of themselves have truly changed. The hearts of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman are attentive and moved by the ayat of Allah – its commandments, its prohibitions, its reminders, its stories – and their limbs carry out the good actions that they have learned.

This is like the ayah:

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts
and when His Ayat are recited unto them, they increase their Faith;
and they put their trust in their Rabb.
[Surah Al-Anfal 8:2]

The ‘Ibad-ur Rahman are nothing like the disbelievers, who are not affected nor want to change their ways when they hear the Words of Allah. So they continue as they are, as though they have not heard the ayat, and persist in their disbelief, wrongdoing, ignorance and misguidance. This is as Allah s.w.t. says:

And whenever there comes down a Surah, some of them say:
“Which of you has had his Faith increased by it?”
As for those who believe, it has increased their Faith, and they rejoice.
But as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it will add suspicion and doubt to their suspicion, disbelief and doubt, and they die while they are disbelievers.
[Surah At-Tawbah 9:124-125]

Indeed, how many have read the ayat of Allah, but they remain deaf and blind. How many have looked at the signs of Allah, yet they do not see. How many have heard, but they do not comprehend. These are certainly not the characteristics of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman.

Qatadah said:

“The believers (‘Ibad-ur Rahman) are not those who are deaf from hearing nor blind from seeing the truth. By Allah, they are those who want to think,
and those who benefit from the Qur’an.”

We all love attending Islamic seminars or classes, or watch Islamic youtube videos, or listen to Islamic podcasts, or read Islamic articles. But sadly, some have turned these khutbah, classes, seminars, posts – and even recitation of the Qur’an – as entertainment. They have been reduced to just becoming something fun to do or participate. We’re not guilty for enjoying them of course, but these reminders should be taken as something more serious – because the ayat of Allah is not about casual listening, it’s about taking decisive actions. When Qur’an enters our hearts, there must be significant changes within us.

So here’s an advice for me and you: When we read an article, or listen to a podcast, a youtube video, or an Islamic dars, say to ourselves that these are lessons for life which I will not pass them over like the deaf or the blind. Remember the advice by Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah:

The people of the Qur’an are those who read it and act upon it,
even if they haven’t memorized it.

May this reminder motivate us to become the people of the Qur’an.

🌸 ‘Ibad-ur Rahman Characteristics Recap 🌸

8th Characteristic
The hearts of ‘Ibad-ur Rahman are attentive and moved by the ayat of Allah – its commandments, its prohibitions, its reminders, its stories – and their limbs carry out the good actions that they have learned. They listen to the ayat of Allah with khushoo’ and are determined to implement the commandments, prohibitions, and reminders that they learn in their everyday lives.

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