Focus Not On The Tests, Focus on Our Attitude

We are constantly being tested by Allah s.w.t. in this dunya, either in a form of difficulty, or ease. This beautiful religion of ours teaches us to be patient when we are hit with difficulties, and to be syukur / grateful when in ease.

This life is like a coin – one side is Patience, and the other is Syukur – meaning that every incident that we will go through the moment we wake up until the moment we sleep, will be between these two incidents that either require Patience or Gratefulness.

The problem with us is this: that we think Allah only tests us with difficulties. The death of a loved one, or the loss of revenue in business – it’s easy for us to call these events as tests from Allah. But it’s not easy for us to remind ourselves that incidents like getting married, or getting a promotion are also tests from Him. It’s hard to convince ourselves and realize that these moments of ease, just like those moments of difficulties, are all tests from Allah s.w.t.

Why is this realization important?

Because both Patience and Syukur are means to carve our way to Jannah. The one who is wealthy yet grateful, and the one who is poor yet patient – while both have different tests – have equal chance to earn Allah’s Pleasure. Similarly, both have equal chance to earn the displeasure of Allah if they are not grateful or patient.

There is absolutely no one who will not be tested by Allah, meaning there is absolutely no one whom Allah does not give him or her a chance to be patient or to be grateful.

When Allah sends us difficulties, it does not necessarily mean He is displeased with us. And when Allah sends us ease, it does not necessarily mean He is pleased with us.
It’s not the test that we should be focusing on.
But it’s our attitude that we should work on.

Rasulallah sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam said:
“Indeed greater reward comes with greater trial.
And indeed, when Allah loves a people He subjects them to trials,
so whoever is content, then for him is pleasure,
and whoever is discontent, then for him is wrath.”
[At-Tirmidhi | Graded Hasan]