Tawakkul Comes Hand-in-Hand With A Sincere Heart

Ibn Jawzi rahimahullah said tawakkul is to return all matters to Allah s.w.t. with the utmost trust in His way of handling our affairs.

We know personally that what we do or choose for ourselves is good. But more than that, we must believe that Allah governs our affairs far more better and far more perfect than any of our carefully laid-out plan. It is only with this firm conviction that, after exerting all efforts and avenues, we can let go our affairs entirely to Allah alone, and accept any decision made by Allah with a sincere and open heart.

This is why tawakkul is not just about returning our affairs to Allah, but it must go hand-in-hand with a sincere heart. When there is something that we really, desperately want, something that we have tried so hard and prayed for countless times, but what Allah has decreed upon us is something different than what we have hoped for – ask ourselves, at that precise moment – would we accept His decree and be contented? Or would we reject it out of disappointment and despair?

If we reject and complain, then this is not tawakkul. It has no value. And this is where we often fail.

So it is critical that our tawakkul upon Allah is accompanied with the sincerity and contentment of the heart. Blessed is the one who has tawakkul, because even if he doesn’t get what he prays for, he is still pleased with the outcome due to the certainty that Allah’s decision is always, without a doubt, THE BEST. It’s not easy to resist our emotions when things don’t go as what we’ve hoped for, and this is why the reward of tawakkul upon Allah is Jannah.

Jannah needs to be earned. So pave your way to Jannah with tawakkul upon your Rabb.