Guarding One’s Eyes

Whoever allows his eyes to roam freely carries his soul to the places of destruction.

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah
[The Sickness and the Cure, p.15]

Sheikh Omar Suleiman once wrote (paraphrased):

“Nudity and sexual activity creeping into parts of mainstream cable/satellite networks DOES NOT make it any less haram. Just because it isn’t called pornography, doesn’t mean it’s not. Be careful not to fool yourself because you won’t be able to stand before Allah s.w.t. on the DoJ and say: ‘But it’s on Astro! / Everybody watches it anyway!’ Know that you will be held accountable.

Pornography, even in its unrecognized forms, is destroying us as individuals, families, and communities. If you’re struggling privately, then seek forgiveness from Him and keep fighting it – but don’t unashamedly make reference to these shows publicly, thereby continuing to normalize what can never be deemed acceptable.”

When we see something shameful but don’t find it a problem anymore, then that’s an indication of a very deep spiritual problem – one that will jeopardize your Iman. You won’t be able to concentrate in your prayers, you won’t be able to cry when you ask Allah. Those things will disappear. The more we become desensitize to these things, the more spiritually bankrupt we will become.

So the term “lower your gaze” applies not just in real life, but on FB and other social media platforms, as well as what we watch on the screen. If we truly care the state of our heart, then GUARD our eyes. This is applicable for both men and women.

❝Allah has ordered us to lower the gaze because it is the path to a pure heart.❞

Ibn Jawzi (rahimahullah)
[تلبيس إبليس صحفة ٣٨٦]