Knowledge Should Lead To One’s Improvement

“O my son,
when you have written down ten Ahadeeth,
look and see if you notice an improvement in the way you walk,
in your level of patience,
and in your degree of self-dignity.
For if you do not see any such improvement,
then know that your knowledge harms you and does not benefit you.”

Sufyan At-Thawri
advice from his mother rahimahullah
(The Biography of Sufyan At-Thawri, pg 21)


How many of us have attended classes and listened to heartfelt reminders regarding the Deen, or read something really beneficial on the social media, so we shared and retweeted them manifold …but at the end of the day, we’re like: “Yeah it was a nice speech / post, but I’m still gonna do what I’m gonna do anyway.”

We close our FB, we return to our homes, and nothing changes.

Knowledge should and must benefit ourselves foremost before anyone else. Something is seriously wrong if we’re gaining knowledge, but there is no improvement in our akhlaq. Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak rahimahullah said:

“One doesn’t become noble with any type of knowledge
if he doesn’t beautify his knowledge with good conduct.”

(Adab Shar’iyyah 4/208)

So practice what you learn. Practice what you preach.