Using Qadr As An Excuse?

“You always use ‘Qadr, Qadr, Qadr’ to put Muslims to sleep!”
“You’re being so impassive about this situation!”
“So you’re saying that we shouldn’t do anything about it??”

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, remember the hadith of when we are inflicted with calamity, we are taught to never say “If only I had done so and so, this would not have happened…” because the word ‘If’ will open the gate for Shaitan to enter and corrupt our iman. Rather, we are taught to say: Allah s.w.t. has decreed and whatever He will, He does. [1]

So we shall accept it.
But today and in the future – we’re going to do something about it.
This is the attitude that all Muslims should have.
And this is applicable not only in regard to the presidency of Donald Trump.
This is applicable in our daily lives.
There are people who are so accustomed to sins and laziness and blame their situation because of Qadr.
Islam doesn’t teach us to be lazy.
It doesn’t teach us to be complacent.
It doesn’t teach us to be idle, neglectful, to procrastinate.
These are all weak excuses to run away from responsibilities.
Jangan salahkan Qadar sekiranya anda sendiri yang malas untuk berusaha.

We utilize our belief in the Qadr of Allah s.w.t. to find comfort in what has been inflicted upon us.
But we do not use this belief in the Qadr to justify our laziness.
For the present and the future – we MUST & SHOULD strive.
And this is part of tawakkul upon Allah s.w.t.
[1] Sunan Ibn Majah