Greater Degrees and Greater In Preference in the Hereafter

This should be everyone’s motivation

“And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it,
with the necessary effort due for it while he is a believer,
then such are the ones whose striving shall be appreciated.

On each these as well as those – We bestow from the Bounties of your Rabb.
And the Bounties of your Rabb can never be forbidden.

See how We prefer one above another (in this world)
and verily, the Hereafter will be greater in degrees and greater in preference.”
[Al-Isra’ 17:19-21]

In this dunya, we crave for people’s attention especially from the ones we admire greatly – it could be our spouse / parent / boss. We get so honored and flattered when we are put on a pedestal by these people whom we love. But what are these fleeting moments in comparison to the one that will be our permanent abode – when the Rabb of the heavens and the earth and everything in between says that there will be people in the Hereafter who will have greater in degrees and greater in preference in His Sight! O slaves of Allah, there should be no other greater accomplishment than this.

“…and for this, let (all) those strive who want to strive.”
[Al-Mutaffifin 83:26]