[Al-Kahf 18:102] Al-Kahf Challenge (12/20)

“If anyone learns by heart the first 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf,
he will be protected from the Dajjal.”  [Sahih Muslim]
Al-Kahf Challenge is to make the memorization & understanding of the first 10 & the last 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf easy, insya Allah. To catch up on the previous posts of this series, click here📌

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Do then those who disbelieved think that they can take My slaves as Auliya’ (lords, gods, protectors) besides Me? Verily, We have prepared Hell as an entertainment for the disbeliever.
[Al-Kahf 18:102]

This Ayah is an attack on shirk – a severe warning to those who take Isa a.s., angels, saints, elders, idols, etc. as their Auliya’ (lords, gods, protectors). In Surah al-Qasas 28:64, Allah s.w.t. says that those who worshiped others besides Him, will be instructed to call upon their so-called-Gods for help, but they will horribly come to know that these “gods” will never answer or respond to them .

And it will be said (to them): “Call upon your (so-called) partners (of Allah), and they will call upon them but they will give no answer to them, and they will see the torment. (They will then wish) if only they had been guided! [Al-Qasas 28:64]

How scary is this scene! These people will not only endure physical torment, but also psychological torment!

Here is another scary part of the Ayah:

Verily, We have prepared Hell as an entertainment [nuzul] for the disbeliever.
[Al-Kahf 18:102]

[Nuzul] refers to initial hospitality, like how we would serve tea to our guests before the big meal arrives. This ayah is therefore an irony to these disbelievers: their [nuzul] / initial treat will be Jahannam itself, subhanallah!

May Allah s.w.t. protect us from the Hellfire.

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