[Al-Kahf 18:101] Al-Kahf Challenge (11/20)

If you have been following the Al-Kahf Challenge Series,
you should have memorized and learned the first ten ayat of the Surah – alhamdulillah!
From this post onwards, the series will be focusing on the last ten ayat of Surah Al-Kahf.

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(To) those whose eyes had been under a covering from My Reminder (this Qur’an)
and who could not bear to hear (it).
[Al-Kahf 18:101]

In this Ayah, Allah s.w.t. describes some of the characteristics of the disbelievers who would be exposed to the Hellfire prior to their judgment. Those characteristics are:

1. They are blind to Allah’s Signs in this world, or blind to the Noble Qur’an and unable to ponder on its meanings nor benefit from its lessons and wisdom.

2. They are completely deaf to the truth of Allah’s Words and that of His Messenger ﷺ. It could also mean that they do not wish to hear it.

What it means is that the people who will be exposed to the Hellfire are:

  • Those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of Allah, the Creator of the dunya, the universe, and everything around them,
  • Those who refuse to accept the Qur’an, including those who refuse to study and ponder on its meanings, or refuse to follow the commandments and prohibitions of Allah s.w.t.,
  • Those who refuse to accept and follow the Sunnah of Rasulallah s.a.w.

So beware o Muslims, for if we are negligent, we can fall into any of these categories as well. May Allah s.w.t. protect us and not make us one of them.

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