[Revive a Sunnah] The Adab of Visiting the Dead Sea and the likes

My beloved mom said to me one day that there is really no point going to the Dead Sea if all we do there is to have fun and take photos, instead of reflecting what had actually transpired there. Masya Allah, very wise and considering that she has not come across the following:

Imam Al-Bukhari (rahimahullah), in his Book of Prayer, Chapter: Praying at places where the earth had sunken, wrote: And it is mentioned that Ali r.a. disliked praying in Babylonia where it was sunk (as a punishment).

Rasulallah s.a.w. said:

❝Do not enter (the places) of these people
where Allah’s punishment had fallen, unless you do so weeping.
If you do not weep, do not enter
because Allah’s curse and punishment which fell upon them
may fall upon you.❞
[Sahih Bukhari (433, 3380, 3381) and Sahih Muslim (5296, 5297)]

Sheikh Ibn Baaz rahimahullah was asked about travelling to ‘Madaa’in al-Saaleh’ [1] He replied:

If it (the traveling) is for seeking as a reminder, then there is no problem with it.
But if it’s done for sightseeing and enjoyment; then it is not allowed.

الحلل الإبريزية من التعليقات البازية على صحيح البخاري
[1] Madaa’in al-Saaleh is the place where the people of Thamud were utterly destroyed by Allah s.w.t. This also implies similar places like the Pyramids (Egypt), the Dead Sea, etc where the punishment of Allah had come, or where things other than Allah were worshiped. These types of places should not be visited, except while weeping and fearing Allah while in those places.