[Az-Zumar 39:2] Make the Deen Only for Allah

Verily, We have sent down the Book to you in truth.
So worship Allah (Alone) by doing religious deeds sincerely for Allah’s sake only.
[Az-Zumar 39:2]

Sincerity – One of the ways to make the Deen sincerely for Allah is to love doing good deeds in private, except those that cannot be done in secret such as the 5 daily prayers. Unfortunately today, especially with the advent of technology and social media, it’s easy for us to do things in public, but difficult in secret. Ask ourselves when we do / publicize a good deed: Am I doing this sincerely for Allah? Because if our private affairs are not better than our public affairs, then we have a problem.

Scholars said that the true worshiper of Allah is the one that hopes that his deeds are always hidden, and that he hates for anyone to find out his hidden deeds; someone who loves ikhlas so much, that he/she wants only Allah to know about it. Many of the sahabah, despite them being well-known and highly respected khalifah, like Abu Bakar and Umar RA, still tried their best to do secret deeds known only to Allah. Had it not been because Allah exposed them, no one would know the extraordinary deeds that the Sahabah had done. Indeed whoever fixes his private affairs, Allah will fix his public affairs.

Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said that the greatness of something is known by what we attach it to. So if we attach our deeds to the dunya, then our deeds will only last as long as the dunya lasts. What a terrible situation to be in when all those good deeds we thought we were accumulating amount to nothing on the Day of Judgment. So attach our deeds to the One who is Eternal, and our deeds will never go to waste.

❝ Your deeds are few, so be sincere in these few (deeds).❞
Maymun bin Mihran rahimahullah
al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah (v. 9, p. 348)