Ramadhan Gem – Day 20

Through out these last few days and nights of Ramadhan, we’re going to face some serious challenges. From the biggest of them is that we’re going to be LAZY! We won’t want to read the Quran. We won’t want to go to Taraweeh. If we feel ourselves falling for this trap, hold this advice dearly:

“Slaves of Allah!
The month of Ramadhan is determined to leave
and there are but a few days left of it.
Those of you who have done good should complete it (in goodness)
and whoever has neglected it then let him end it in goodness
since actions are according to their ending.
So enjoy the few nights and days that are left
and bid it farewell by performing good deeds
which can be witness for you with Al-Malik Al-‘Alam,
and see it off by parting with the most pure greeting and salam.”

– Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali (rahimahullah)
[Lata’ef Al-Ma’arif, P. 386]