Ramadhan Gem – Day 9

When someone offers us food or drink in Ramadhan, we’d go: “Are you crazy! It’s Ramadhan, we’re fasting!” But when it’s time to break our fast, we see ourselves taking out our cigarettes to “cool down the temperature because I fasted the whole day man!”

My brother in faith, my sister in iman,
Why do you stay away from food and drink the whole day, but when it’s time to break your fast, you ruin it by smoking? You ruin it by something that Allah doesn’t want His slave to indulge with?

The scholars said that when the shayatin are chained, it means that the rebellious shayatin, the Big Bosses among them who constantly whisper waswas to us are chained. So if you see yourself sinning, that means you yourself have actually built that in your chest – the love of that sin. If we knowingly allow ourselves to go against Allah in this month of Ramadhan, then question yourself. Something is wrong. Weep and cry to Allah before Allah brings you to accountability.

Remember that the gates of Jannah are opened. The gates of Hell are closed. And the caller says oh you who intends evil, stop, for this is not the month of evilness! [1]
[1] Tirmidhi