[Al-Ma’aarij 70:10-11] Be Careful In Our Dealings With Others

A scary reminder:

“And no friend will ask a friend (about his condition),
though they shall be made to see one another…”
[Al-Ma’aarij 70:10-11]

Meaning, no relative will ask about another relative, even if he can see him. Even if he is carrying a heavy burden. Even if he was the dearest of people to him in this world. He will not care about him or take even the slightest part of his burden from him. Allah says in another Ayah:

“That Day shall a man flee from his brother.
And from his mother and his father.
And from his wife and his children.”
[‘Abasa 80:34-36]

Ibn Mas’ud r.a. said,

“On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will gather the first and the last,
then a voice will call out:
‘Whoever is owed something by another, let him come forth and take it.’
And a man will REJOICE if he is owed something or had been mistreated
by his father or child or wife,
even if it is little.”

The above is taken from Tafseer Ibn Kathir. This reminded me one of my ustadh’s advice: Most of us have these ‘fond’ nicknames, like “Shorty” or “Fatty”, that we use around our intimate circle of friends, to which our friends would usually laugh or silently shrug it off. But deep down inside, these name-callings might actually hurt them. And on the Day of Judgement – where everyone is desperate to save their own selves – those people whom we made fun of, or mocked at, will claim for every single little injustice and mistreatment that we inflicted upon them in this Dunya.

So please be careful on how we treat others. Be vigilant on how we interact in reality and what we post on the social media.

This is a reminder for myself foremost and then to others.