Positivity in the Midst of Negativity

Reading the news at times make us feel depressed, useless. How do we, as believers, deal with the tragedies around the world? The first step is by realizing that nothing happens except that Allah s.w.t. has ordained it.

“No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves
but is inscribed in the Book of Decrees (Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz),
before We bring it into existence.
Verily, that is easy for Allah.”
[Al-Hadid 57:22]

Indeed, negativity is a contagious disease that cripples the individual, and through that individual, the ummah – and this is especially true for the one who constantly complains. Remember in the battle of Uhud, when the false rumour that Rasulallah s.a.w. had been killed was spread among the sahabah. It caused so much panic and confusion. And remember Anas ibn an-Nadr r.a. who shouted words of encouragement to continue to fight amidst that chaos. He was an exemplary role model of positivity in the midst of negativity.

Be like Anas r.a. And realize that your du’a and patience are your weapons. Rasulallah s.a.w. said: “Indeed victory and provisions are granted through your weak.” [Bukhari] And in another narration under the chapter of seeking the support of Allah by the supplications of the weak: “Allah support this Ummah because of their supplication, their Solah, and their sincerity.” [Sunan An-Nasa’i]

The profound lessons from these ahadeeth is that no single individual in the Ummah should be looked down upon. Everyone can help contribute towards its success, everyone has a role, and everyone should do their part. The real question is: How often have we really made du’a for the Ummah? Please don’t reduce our du’as to a mere ‪#‎prayfor‬ hashtags. Make those du’as in our sujood, in the last third of the night, constantly on a DAILY basis. And persevere, be patient, and have faith that Allah will respond.