The Greatest Awakening

Shirk initially comes from having bad thoughts of Allah s.w.t.

A person makes du’a for something he really wants, day and night. But when he sees that his du’a has not been granted, he becomes impatient and thus he seeks the help of others. That’s where “good luck charms”, making du’a at the graves,  and other acts of shirk came into place.

Realize that Allah s.w.t. is CAPABLE in answering all of our du’as, If all of the creations in the world and in the heavens, from the smallest, tiniest strings and quantum foams and everything else too complex to be seen, to all the way up to the observable universe and beyond the unseen were just the simple result of Allah’s [كُن فَيَكُونُ], then what makes us think that our simple du’a cannot be answered?

So ask Allah and have good thoughts of Him, for indeed the greatest awakening within oneself is his connection with Allah s.w.t.

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