[Ta-Ha 20:40] Puzzle Pieces

In Surah Ta-Ha, we learn about Musa a.s., how Allah s.w.t. spoke to him directly, how he a.s. was given the mission to go back to the place where he ran away from, and the powerful du’a that he makes for Allah to facilitate this task and responsibility that has been given to him. What really captures me in Surah Ta-Ha is after these set of ayaat, Allah s.w.t. reminds Musa a.s. of all the different blessings that were conferred to him, teaching him that He s.w.t. is there from the very beginning.

Allah s.w.t. tells Musa a.s. about his past, how the soldiers were about to kill him, how Allah inspired Musa’s mother to throw him in the river, how his sister ran after to watch him, how he ended in Fir’aun’s house but Allah s.w.t. reunited him with his mother so her heart wouldn’t grieve; and then he was tested in many ways, tested immensely from having to run away from his land, being homeless, without anything and then Allah says – after mentioning all these things – He s.w.t. says:

“…Then you came [here] at the decreed time, O Musa.”
[Ta-Ha 20:40]

Allah s.w.t. tells Musa a.s. that you came here right on time. Everything was part of the plan. He s.w.t. was there at every step, at every moment, Watching, Hearing, Present. All the puzzle pieces were slowly being put together and at that valley, where Allah is speaking to Musa, He s.w.t. reminds Musa a.s., that you have came right on time. You are right where you are supposed to be.

And so, we go through moments of extreme difficulty, of extreme uncertainty, of closed door after closed door but they are all part of the process. Your experiences, your struggles, your moments of happiness, your tears are all unique – they are all part of the Plan.

There is a beautiful tranquility and peace that lies in knowing that, when you live sincerely for Allah s.w.t., He takes care of you in the best of ways, in the most beautiful of ways.

Taken from Destination Jannah (abbreviated)
Jazakumullahu khayran for this beautiful and uplifting post.



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