[Al-Kahf 18:4] Al-Kahf Challenge (4/20)

“If anyone learns by heart the first 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf,
he will be protected from the Dajjal.”  [Sahih Muslim]
Al-Kahf Challenge is to make the memorization & understanding of the first 10 & the last 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf easy, insya Allah.

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And to warn those who say, “Allah has begotten a son (or offspring or children).”
[Al-Kahf 18:4]

This is a warning to the Christians who say that Jesus a.s. is the son of God, and to the Jews who say that Uzair is the son of God. Ibn Ishaq said: “These are the pagan Arabs, who said: We worship the angels who are the daughters of Allah.”

In the beginning of this surah, Allah s.w.t. mentions 3 reasons as to why the Qur’an has been sent.
Firstly, to warn of a severe punishment.
Secondly, to give glad tidings to the righteous believers,
And thirdly, to specifically warn those who claim a child to Allah ta’ala.

From this we learn that there are two types of warning, a general warning – to all of mankind, and a specific warning – to those who ascribe partners to Allah. Those who do shirk have nullified their deeds because they go against the first condition of acceptable deeds, which is sincerity to Allah.

Extracted from Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Dr Bilal Philips’ lecture, and sister Amatul Wadood’s writing.

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