[Al-Kahf 18:3] Al-Kahf Challenge (3/20)

“If anyone learns by heart the first 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf,
he will be protected from the Dajjal.”  [Sahih Muslim]
Al-Kahf Challenge is to make the memorization & understanding of the first 10 & the last 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf easy, insya Allah.

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They shall abide [makithna] therein forever. [Al-Kahf 18:3]

This Ayah further confirms that “a good reward” mentioned in the previous Ayah is indeed Jannah. Believers who do righteous good deeds will live forever in Jannah without any end – free of hunger, thirst, illness, heat or cold. Everything will be perfect in Jannah, in all perspective!

The word that is used in this Ayah is [makith] which means “to remain in anticipation of something”. When we’re anticipating something, we’re always in a state of excitement. What this means is that there’s never going to be a dull moment in Jannah. Some may think that if everything goes exactly as what we want all the time, then what’s there to be excited about? Ain’t gonna happen in Jannah 🙂 The inhabitants are constantly looking forward to the next awesomeness.

Extracted from Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Dr Bilal Philips & Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures

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