[Al-Kahf 18:2] Al-Kahf Challenge (2/20)

“If anyone learns by heart the first 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf,
he will be protected from the Dajjal.”  [Sahih Muslim]
his Al-Kahf Challenge project is aimed to make the memorization & understanding of the first 10 & the last 10 Ayat of Surah Al-Kahf easy, insya Allah.

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Straight [Qayyiman] to give warning of a severe punishment from Him,
and to give glad tidings to the believers [al-mu’minun] who do righteous deeds
that they shall have a fair reward (i.e. Paradise).
[Al-Kahf 18:2]

Something which seems apparently straight may not be completely free from crookedness. What happens to even sturdy trees after a long period of time? They gradually bend, bit by bit.

In this Ayah, Allah s.w.t. affirms the Qur’an uprightness [Qayyiman], and this word emphasizes the negation of any deviation in the Qur’an. If we follow societies’ whims and fancy, we will surely deviate. But those who remain straight across generations are the ones who hold on tightly to the Qur’an (and Sunnah).

The following sequence of the ayah says that the Qur’an warns the disbelievers of a severe punishment from Allah s.w.t., and brings good news to the believers who do righteous good deeds that they will be rewarded with Jannah. Notice the sequence of the ayah:

“…to give glad tidings to the believers [al-mu’minun] who do righteous deeds…”

The word [al-mu’minun] comes from the word [iman], which means faith or belief. Scholars say that this is an evidence that our iman / belief MUST be accompanied with good deeds. This is an important lesson, because some may think “As long as I’m a Muslim, Allah will forgive me so I don’t have to worry.” They do not bother to work in becoming a better slave of Allah just because they think having Iman suffices.

They may wonder, isn’t “Laa ilaaha illAllah” the key to Jannah? A scholar of the salaf was asked the same question, and he answered: Yes, but will a key without its teeth open anything?

May Allah s.w.t. help us to constantly become a better slave of Allah s.w.t. Allahumma ameen.

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🖋 References: Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Dr Bilal Philips & Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures