Muflihoon : The Truly Successful


In the Qur’an, Allah s.w.t. describes those who are truly successful as [Muflihoon]. The root of this word is [falah] & the same root gives us the Arabic word for farmer i.e. [fallah].

A farmer leads a tough life. In comparison to the monthly paycheck we receive, farmers aren’t paid on such regular basis; especially those with an annual crop – they get paid only once a year. Imagine that this farmer has to struggle the ENTIRE year, of which he will only, finally get paid once the crops come.

From this we get the word [Al-Muflih], the successful one. By using this word to describe success, there is one important message that we need to internalize: To be a muflih, we need to put in a LOT OF WORK, to stop being impulsive or do things half-way. This is the mentality that we need to develop. If we are changing ourselves / do something for the sake of Allah, do not get disheartened if we don’t see the results of our labour right away. That paycheck that you are working so hard will be yours at the end of all of these struggles, insya Allah!

Realize that in order to harvest in the akhirah, cultivation has to begin in this dunya.