[Al-Kahf 18:1] There Is No Deviation

All the praises & thanks are to Allah,
Who has sent down to His slave the Book (the Qur’an)
and has not placed therein any crookedness.
[Al-Kahf 18:1]

You know what happens to a tree or a metal bar after a long period of time? They will gradually bend, bit by bit. Allah s.w.t. says that the Qur’an will never, ever bend over time, not even a tiny bit. This Book will never compromise.

30 years ago, there were some things & values that were completely & absolutely unacceptable by the society. These values were considered wrong, unjustifiable & inappropriate. But in a matter of 10, 20 years later, not only are these things now acceptable, they’re even celebrated. And if we don’t celebrate it with everyone else, then the world will say that there is something wrong with us. Isn’t that the case today?

Allah says He s.w.t. does not allow for any deviation to even possibly occur in the Qur’an. What it means is that societies’ trends & values may change, but what is RIGHT and what is WRONG in this Book are timeless. It does not and will not adjust to 2014. What was right in 1614 and 1514 will STILL be right in 2034 and 2054!

May Allah s.w.t. protect us from such deviation.