Why is it that we make du’a and receive no response?

It was said to Ibrahim ibn Adham:
“Why is it that we make du’a and receive no response?”

He said:
“Because you know Allah, but you do not obey Him.
And you know the Messenger, but you do not follow his Sunnah.
And you know the Qur’an, but you do not act in accordance with it.
And you eat from the blessings of Allah, but you do not give thanks for them.
And you know Paradise, but you do not seek it.
And you know Hell, but you do not flee from it.
And you know the Shaytan, but you do not fight him, rather you agree with him.
And you know death, but you do not prepare for it.
And you have buried the dead, but you do not learn a lesson from that.
And you ignore your own faults and are preoccupied with other people’s faults.”

Tafsir al-Qurtubi (2/312)