[Al-Mulk 67:11] So Away With The Dwellers of the Blazing Fire!

Then they will confess their sin.
So away [suhqan] with the dwellers of the blazing Fire!
[Al-Mulk 67:11]

Subhanallah, I find this lesson super scary.

“Away with so and so” is an old expression, like how a king would say to a commoner, “Away with him!” The king gives his verdict & the commoner will be taken away to be dealt with. In Surah Hud 11:68, Allah s.w.t. says,

“No doubt! Verily, Thamud disbelieved in their Lord.
So away [bu’dan] with Thamud!”

And we learnt that they were utterly, utterly destroyed. But in this Surah, instead of [bu’dan], the word [suhqan] is used – this word is STRONGER. It means: Away, far, far away! In the depths away! And this is for the people of the Hellfire.

Sincere tawbah in this Dunya will bring us closer to Allah s.w.t. but admitting sins in the Hellfire will bring absolutely no accomplishment for it will be far, literally, far too late.