Of A Higher Standard

“Men will be men.”
“Girls will be girls.”

Why do we have to live according to these stereotypes? How long do we plan to keep on using these same excuses?

Because we CAN choose to not use derogatory words. We can choose not to cuss. We can choose to not look at filthy stuff, or subscribe to immodest pages. We can choose not to share certain posts or photos with the rest of the world to avoid fitnah.

We CAN choose to lower our gaze. We can choose to be modest. We can choose to live a life where there should be a certain limit with non-mahrams. We can choose to seek the attention and pleasure of Allah s.w.t., not friends who deviate us from the Straight Path!

And we SHOULD choose to do so because we fear the consequences of our action. Know that Shaitan will do whatever means necessary to call us towards temptation and shamelessness, and everything starts with something that seems harmless.

If we insist to still live by these stereotypes, then recall our lineage all the way back to Adam and Hawa a.s. who returned to Allah s.w.t. when they erred. The definition of real men and real women are of the akhlaq of the Prophets, Sahabah and pious predecessors. Not men or women on glossy magazines.

We have to put ourselves at a higher standard. Because we CAN.