Our Permanent Home

I thought I left my heart at Hobbiton 🙂

Because I was swept away by the lush green meadows, blue sky that goes on forever, tall trees and little hobbit houses framed with beautiful flowers on the hill; and from where we stood, the wind would blow cascading towards the river, causing ripples across the lake so much so that I couldn’t tear my eyes away; I sat on a bench underneath a tree overlooking the lake, while the lanterns and pretty little flags swayed with the breeze; friends were smiling and laughing, strolling and lingering nearby.

Serenity. If there ever was a piece of Jannah on earth, this must be it. But how untrue is this statement. What Allah s.w.t. has prepared for His believing slaves are much, much, so much better beyond our expectation and wildest imagination, for He s.w.t. said in a hadith Qudsi, “I have prepared for My righteous servants what *no* eye has seen and *no* ear has heard, *nor* has it occurred to human heart.” Subhanallah.

The guide beckoned us to leave. I left with a heavy heart, with this strange sense of longing, wanting to stay for at least a few minutes more. As we walked away from the bench and the trees and from the lake and the breeze, I remembered a promise in the Qur’an where Allah s.w.t. says:

“Truly! Those who have Taqwa, will dwell in Gardens and water springs. (It will be said to them): ‘Enter therein (Paradise), in peace and security.’ And We shall remove from their breasts any deep feeling of bitterness, (so they will be like) brothers facing each other on thrones. No sense of fatigue shall touch them, nor shall they (ever) be asked to leave it.” [Al-Hijr 15:45-48]

In the end, I realized that this sense of longing will only, truly be quenched with that first step into Jannah. They say home is where our heart is, and well, Jannah is our real, permanent Home. May Allah s.w.t. make us one of its inheritors. Ameen.

“If Allah can take your breath away at the sight of the beauty of a fading Dunya,
imagine what beauty awaits the inheritors of Jannah.
And imagine looking at the One who made it all.”