[At-Tahrim 66:11] A House Near You In Paradise

And Allah has set forth an example for those who believe:
the wife of Fir’aun, when she said:

“My Rabb! Build for me a home near You in Paradise,
and save me from Fir’aun and his work,
and save me from the people who are Zalimun.”

[At-Tahrim 66:11]

No doubt, the wife of Fir’aun had all the luxury & wealth at her disposal, yet when iman entered into her heart, all of these meant absolutely nothing to her. Despite the severe torture inflicted upon her when she renounced Fir’aun, her heart remained steadfast. She asked Allah s.w.t., “My Rabb! Build for me a home near You in Paradise!”

How often do we complain & how weary do we get in our struggles to buy a house? Months after months, years after years, we pay & continue to pay for the hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars we spent on a property. But how long will we live in it? A year, 2 years, 10 years, maybe 100 years? Then, where to is our final destination? 

We keep making du’a to Allah s.w.t. for a house, a place for our comfort & refuge. But have we ever sincerely asked for a similar house like the wife of Fir’aun asked?

“My Rabb! Build for me a home with You in Paradise…”