[Al-Hadid 57:11] A Good Loan

Who is there (man zallazi) to advance a loan, a good loan, to Allah
so that He multiplies it for him, and he may have a noble reward?
[Al-Hadid 57:11]

When we ask “Who will give”, we usually say “Manillazi”. But this ayah says “Man zallazi”. The “za” means “ANYONE out there?” “Anybody?” “Is there anyone, anybody that is willing to give Allah a loan?”

Loan is given to someone who doesn’t own something, right? Prior to this ayah, Allah s.w.t. says that He owns the ENTIRE universe – there is nothing in existence that does not belong to Him. So why is He asking for a loan then?

Because of our greed mentality. Because we’re holding to our money & wealth like it’s ours. Are we so greedy that we don’t want to let them go? Then at the very least, we should give them as a loan to Allah.

Allah s.w.t. says that He will not only repay us back, but it will be repaid in multiples! And on top of that we will receive a noble reward.

This ayah should serve as a wake-up call. Do we really want to be greedy in the sight of Allah, the One who granted us these wealth in the first place? 

May Allah s.w.t. help us be generous for His sake.