Time Management – the Sunnah Way

Tip #1: Begin with the End in Mind.
Set high goals.

Tip #2: Focus on Allah’s Pleasure.
Plan around salah time, not the other way around!

Tip #3: Make du’a daily.
Rasulallah s.a.w. always made du’a for protection from laziness.

Tip #4: Self-discipline is the key.
Make a daily/weekly schedule + STICK to it!

Tip #5: Divide into workable Chunks.

Tip #6: Personal Development.
Never stop working on improving ourselves.

Tip #7: Take a break.
Schedule in time for halal fun.

Tip #8: Delegate.

Tip #9: Eliminate time-wasters.
Qur’an 23:3 – Successful believers avoid things that waste their time (laghw).

Tip #10: Learn shortcuts.
There is always a more efficient way to do, but never compromise quality.

Tip #11: Only multi-task when it is beneficial.
Tip #12: Keep +ve company.
Tip #13: Be open to advice & correction.
Tip #14: Learn to say ‘No’ politely 
Tip #15: Stay fit & healthy.
Tip #16: Strive for Ihsaan in all you do.

Additional tip: So much work gets done when you wake up early! Rasulallah s.a.w. said:
“O Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings (i.e. what they do early in the morning).” [Abu Daud & At-Tirmidzi, Sahih Abi Daud: 2345]