[Al-Baqarah 2:186] Du’a is Not Amazon.com

When My servants ask you about Me, then I am near.
I respond to the call of one when he prays to Me; so they should respond to Me,
and have faith in Me, so that they may be on the right path.
[Al-Baqarah 2:186]

Allah s.w.t. said He responds to our call immediately, and next He s.wt. said for us to have faith in Him. After we make du’a, sometimes we don’t see its immediate result & we start to question. When our du’a is not answered in a way that we hope to be, don’t give up nor lose faith. Du’a is not amazon.com i.e. “I place the order, but when it doesn’t show up, I’m not going to make orders anymore”. We’re NOT Allah’s customers, we don’t place orders with Allah!

We think we know that what we ask is best for us, but in all honesty we don’t! Instead, believe & have full conviction that Allah s.w.t. will respond in a way that is THE BEST for you. His way & timing are far more better than what our plans may be.