A Man and One Night

This is a story of a forgetful man
who on one night stepped out of his home
under the moon and the stars and the heavens above
he marveled at his property and lush gardens
for he allowed to be blinded by richness and fame
and the success he attained he attributed to himself
and so that night was like any other night
he went back to sleep and continue living
forgetting again the One above.

But as time went by his family left him
allured by greater success and glittering dreams
he fell into despair and ruined career
his richness and fame left with nothing more
his wealth and soon his health betrayed him
the once proud man was now hollow and grim.

That night
he stepped out of his decaying home
under the moon and the stars and the heavens above
to the crumbling properties and greying gardens
but the countless tears washed the veil from his sight
his eyes were clear, his gaze was bright
the Signs and the tests behind each blessings and fall
he realized were meant to draw him back to Allah.

He hastened to fall on weakened knees
with his head to the ground he cried to Al-Aziz
Oh how foolish I was to think I was great!
when I am only made by clay and will return as so
these trials that brought me back to You
is more beloved than those that made me forgotten You
Ya Rabb never again will You find me ungrateful
if I am bestowed with Your Forgiveness and Mercy
then I shall need nothing more.

So the moon and the stars and the heavens above
and the decaying walls and empty gardens
and the earth wet from the warmth of his tears
witnessed the withering body of a slave whom had returned
now silent, in his final sujood.

This is a story of a forgetful man.
This could be the story of you and me.